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Every project is a new beginning. we provide assistance in satisfying technical, regulatory and aesthetic requests as well as functional ones.

The leather must be beautiful, sustainable and compliant with all technical requirements and regulations but sometimes it is not enough. Its use must be justified, so we try to be of help in identifying the most suitable article for your project.

A theater is not an airplane nor a train, share the technical aspects with us, so we can develop your project with the maximum support, cost efficiency and respecting deadlines.

Our experience will guide you in presenting not only the desired color and texture, but the leather will already be developed for serial production, with the required technical and maintenance characteristics.

Product development made to design

Our leathers are customized according the CMF (Color, Material, Finish) instructions of the customer and his Design Team. Sustainable Genuine Leather engineered to provide comfort, durability and hygiene.

Leonica follows designers instructions and takes care of:

  • Color development;
  • Surface, grain and pattern development;
  • Finish development (Anti-Soiling, Anti-microbial, Anti-viral);
  • Production in small quantities for Mock-Up;

We make Leather to the State of the Art.
We love to transform your Creativity in a piece of Art.

Option 1: Leonica Color Collection

Select a color and texture from our collection. Your color sample will be produced according to your selection.

Option 2: Color by System

Provide us with a refence selected from Pantone® – RAL® – NCS index® and we will make a leather sample.

Option 3: Color by Reference

We will develop a master color sample according to your color sample provided.

Option 4: Color Customized Finish

Any variation according to tone, warmth, gloss and touch can be developed and customized. Contact us for any further information.

Leather textures

Our leathers can be supplied Full Grain, but we have also a wide variety of grain patterns for the more technical or surface enhanced versions, with an infinite quantity of embossing we can satisfy every aesthetical requirement.

Hand Wiped

Leonica has a long experience in leather ennobling, one of the most skillful techniques is the use of oils and pigments applied by hand to obtain special effects, tints and contrast effects.

Leather embossment

By using embossing plates, we can simulate on bovine leather the pattern of wild animals but also geometric patterns.

Perforations and Blind Perforations

For technical or esthetical requirements, we can develop and source perforations, blind perforations and engineer bi-color leather for a stunning effect.

3D Embossing

For logo or graphic needs, we assist in engineering the correct leather and source a reliable technology. Hot Embossing, 3D Embossing, High pressure embossing and artisanal solutions for Tailor-Made projects.

Woven Leather, piping, welts, etc.

Leather can be transformed with care and craftsmanship into braids, classic and technical profiles, stitched tubulars, covered welts and woven mats. For every idea we have a craftsman that can do the job.

Decorative stitching, Embroidery

High quality Embroidery is a combination of technology and skilled craftsmanship, we work in partnership with experienced contractors.

  • Program development according design;
  • Sample and serial stitching;
  • Embroidery multi color;
  • Artisanal solutions for tailor-Made projects.

Surface effects

We assist in sourcing the right process and technology to obtain designer’s creativity. A wide selection of thermo transferable, foils and film applications are in our subcontractors’ capabilities.

Based on the use and final destination of the end product, we create the most suitable leather and his functional characteristics, taking into account technical and functional aspects.

We can provide White Papers and case studies on key aspects:

  • Cleaning Guidelines
  • Disinfection guidelines
  • Case studies on cleaning disinfection product compatibility
  • White Papers with in-depth information
  • Antisoiling performance
  • Sustainability

Leonica has an in-house laboratory for physical and flammability testing.

Please contact us and we will be at your service to provide you with most relevant information for your project.

The leather is engineered and produced according the technical requirements for the place of installation.

Some standards will not require additional treatment, but for the most severe standards we have a wide range of solutions.

We are available to assist you and provide full support.

  • Domestic furniture
  • Public Seating
  • Air
  • Rail
  • Sea
  • Auto and Bus

Please contact us for in-depth information.

Leonica Genuine Leather with antimicrobial treatment

In collaboration with Sanitized AG, a Swiss company specialized since 1935 in antibacterial and antimicrobial treatments, we have developed a treatment for our genuine leather for public spaces, transport, home furniture and leatherware.

The Sanitized® additives are integrated in the leather during the manufacturing process. The antimicrobial active ingredients of Sanitized® effectively prevents the spread of bacteria and provides long-lasting protection for the leather.

The inherent antimicrobial protection, a silver ions based agent, prevents the growth of both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Since silver ions do not readily evaporate nor dissolve the efficacy will be long-lasting. Sanitized® T 11-15 acts on the bacterial cell membrane, which inhibits function of the microorganism and blocks the respiration and vital food intake of bacteria.

Antiviral activity on Leonica Genuine Leather has also been tested by an independent laboratory in the U.S.A. in accordance with standard: ISO 21702:2019 (antiviral activity on non- porous surfaces, including natural leathers) and showed a reduction higher than 99.0% after 2 hours of contact time when tested against the Human Coronavirus 229E and Influenza A virus (H1N1).

Leonica Genuine upholstery leather is available with easy cleaning and Hygiene features:

  • Easy Clean: Superior resistance to cleaning products and improved cleanability;
  • Anti-Soiling: Build-in protection for pastel and light colors;
  • Hygiene: improved resistance to disinfectants;
  • Healthcare: Blood and Urine resistant finishes.

“Disinfection Guidelines” are available on request.

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