At Leonica we produce a wide variety of automotive leathers, mainly for aftermarket projects but also for VIP bus, minivan, off-road vehicles and coaches or public transport, tested according R118 fire requirements.

Smooth Nappa leather or pattern embossed genuine leather, according the requirement of our customers. Special tannage and finish process for a long-lasting genuine end product. Engineered to last.

Available in different variants to satisfy design, functionality, maintenance and hygiene requirements and not least target price. We offer customized solutions for the most complex projects.


Corrected and pigmented Grain Leather. Aniline-dyed with a resilient protective finish, the surface pattern can be selected out of a wide choice of automotive textures.

LEO-CAR has a firm tanning and thus superior dimensional stability. The uniform pattern allows an improved cutting yield. The seat, once upholstered has a soft and natural touch. Highest ratings as far abrasion, fading, soiling and cleaning agent resistances.


Corrected and pigmented Grain Leather. Aniline-dyed with a resilient protective finish and smooth surface texture. Interiors featured with LEO-NAPPA have a soft and natural touch. The uniform structure allows an improved cutting yield. These leathers are very classy with a warm and full body and elegant drape.


  • Seat upholstery
  • Headrest
  • Armrest
  • Door panels
  • Baby Seat Sanitized®
  • Components
  • Luxury interiors
  • Tourism Busses
  • VIP Coaches
  • Motorhome
  • Minibuses
  • Off-road & Utility vehicles

Technical Features

Leocar leathers are manufactured according customer’s requirements, compliant to the provided specification and price target. Leonica is not an OEM supplier and targets the aftermarket dealers and distributors. Feel free to contact us and ask for additional details and partnerships in place.

Sustainable leather

The European raw hides, we use for our manufacturing process, are a by-product of the beef industry, we upcycle them to a sustainable material, co-products are reused as raw materials in other industries, like technical and food sectors, this circular process reduce waste to landfill.

Made to design

Our leathers are customized according the CMF instructions of the customer and his Design Team. Sustainable Genuine Leather engineered to provide comfort, durability and hygiene on board.

  • Color development;
  • Surface grain pattern development;
  • Finish development (Anti-Soiling, Anti-microbial, Anti-viral);
  • Production in small quantities for Mock-Up;

Leonica Genuine Leather by Sanitized®

Available as optional treatment. The inherent antimicrobial protection, a silver ions-based agent, prevents the growth of both gram- positive and gram-negative bacteria. Since silver ions do not readily evaporate nor dissolve the efficacy will be long-lasting. Built-in Sanitized® material protection. Enhanced to improve durability, performance and aesthetics. Microbial aggressors like bacteria, mold & mildew, stains and material degradation don’t have a chance. Leonica Genuine Leather with built-in Sanitized® technology eliminates 99% of bacteria and viruses within two hours, without compromising performance, appearance or sustainability. Detailed information available upon request.


Leonica leathers withstand a wide range of disinfectants and cleaners without damage to the surface finish, gloss or impact their physical properties such as tear strength, abrasion resistance or rub fastness. Tested against Quaternary, Chlorine, Hydrogen-Peroxide and Alcohol based disinfectants. “Disinfection Guidelines” available on request. Also tested according AATCC 130 for organic fluids resistance. Compliant to Covid cleaning products.

Durable & Easy-Care

Key feature is easy care and robust and long-lasting performance. The natural beauty of the leather is preserved even after years of use. High ratings as far as abrasion resistance, resistance to fading, and resistance to soiling and cleaning agents. The easy-care and stain-resistant surface reduces the maintenance and cleaning effort. Available with optional Anti-soiling for pastel and light colors.

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