Leonica produces according to stringent national and European regulations, quality and environmental management is certified and further steps for traceability are implemented. The process of energy saving and self-production is increased.

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An integrated production system that transform a by-product into a durable and long lasting material. Produced in Italy in respect of all current regulations.

All the leathers we manufacture are only produced out of hides coming from animals that were slaughtered because of meat production. Hides are a slaughter by-product.

All residual materials generated during the tanning process are completely recyclable.

Animal Welfare

Compliant to Animal Welfare protocols according WOAH (World Organization for Animal Health) listed under Terrestrial Animal Health Code 2022 Section 7. summarized as the Five Freedoms.

Safe and Healthy

Compliant to:

REACH regulation CE Nr. 1907/2006

  • No harmful substance;
  • No nano technology, no AZO dyes, etc.
  • POP (Reg. 1021/2019) - Per and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS).

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